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Kyrgyzstan - The People - The Place

Harriet Russell travelled alone to Kyrgyzstan for three months in 2008. Through her independent volunteer work and staying with local artisans, she learned about the daily lives of the Kyrgyz people.

Harriet ventured to places where the townspeople had no contact with native English speakers and even the Peace Corps is not allowed to go. She visited social agencies, crafting collectives and many schools. Using her professional skills, she coached women in small business development, taught yoga and stress management, trained English language teachers in methodologies, and bought the first books for an English language library.

Harriet believes that education and cross cultural exchange is the grassroots vehicle for world peace. Her intention is to dispel fear and ignorance and show “The world is one family.”

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Photo Gallery: Click on the image to view more pictures from Harriet Russell's trip to Kyrgyzstan.
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Harriet Russell

News & Events
All events are presentations by Harriet Russell with anecdotal stories and a slide show of her trip to Kyrgyzstan.
News & Events AUGUST 10, 2011 at 7 pm.
Middleburg Heights Public Library, OH 
Tel: 440-234-3600
News & Events University of Akron, OH - March 22, 2011
News & Events Studio 11 Tremont, Cleveland, Ohio - April 3, 2009
News & Events West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church, Rocky River, OH -   April 5, 2009
News & Events
Westlake-Bay Rotary, OH  - April 9, 2009
News & Events Westside Professional Women's Connection (WPWC), OH -      April 21, 2009
News & Events Atma Center, Cleveland Heights, OH - May 29, 2009
News & Events Strongsville Rotary, OH. -  July 3, 2009. 
News & Events Westlake Community Center, OH - July 20, 2009.
News & Events  Rocky River Lakewood Rotary, OH - August 3, 2009
News & Events College Club West, Rocky River, OH - March 18, 2009
News & Events
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